Ensis Records

Ensis Records, one of the biggest East European EDM labels is focused on promoting high quality dance bombs and their producers. Our A&R discovered and supported names like Kygo, Rudy Zensky, Hasson Bro’s , Haukjem , Radu Mirica and more. 

Synox Digital

Synox Digital is a division of Ensis Records focused in promoting electro house , progressive house , trap and dubstep. Founded in 2014 by the same team which is behind Ensis Records , Synox Digital is oriented more in finding young and talented producers from all over the world.

Ensis Deep

Ensis Deep is a sub label of Ensis Records focused in promoting and distributing of high quality deep house music. Founded in 2014 by the same team which is behind Ensis Records, Ensis Deep is oriented in finding talented producers in order to help , guide and support them in their musical journey.

Ensis Black

We are the undergound division of Ensis Records.
Leaded by Radu Mirica, Ensis Black grown exponentially with the talent revealed by names like Sorin Milea, Boggdaw and more up coming underground producers. We are proud with more and more Beatport Charted minimal and techno releases and with a very unite and friendly community. 

Ensis Blue

Ensis Blue is a trance and progressive trance sub label of Ensis Records. We are delivering only trance/progressive trance productions that can actually make you close your eyes and make you dream, laugh, cry , live the STATE of trance. Because this is all about  being a part of that song when you hear it.